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NOTE: Question and Answers in Gec. Network via Gesma  Covers the positive uses of Computer in Our Every Day Life.

However, it’s curriculum is drawn and revised general on the use of computer at. 1.Home 3.Offices 4. Business 5. Security Institute 6. Market places and Religious centers, etc.

                            QUESTIONS:  GESMA ICT.

                             TIME: 30Minutes

                             MODEL: GEC. NETWORK VIA GESMA.


1. Foundation Level Award: Gesma Information System Professional (GISP)

2. Certified Level Award: Certified Gesma Information System Professional (CGISP)

Requirement to qualify : CGISP Members must have a practical knowledge of computer with proof of Certificate from a road side computer school or computer training institute e.g Certificates from Microsoft,Cisco, Sun,Java or Webmaster and must have score 8points and above in our Online Accessment Test.  Send a snapped copy to us.

We accept Diploma, Advanced Diploma, CIW, CCNA, CCNP and any  Certificate of practical Computer Knowledge.

Once you present any of this and have scored 8points and above in Gesma Online Test you are qualified as a Certified Gesma Information System Proffessional (CGISP).

3. Fellowship Level Award: Fellowship of Gesma Information System Professional (FGISP).

We require only a CGISP Members to apply for this level by writting and submitting four (4) thesis in the field of Computer, mobile and electronics on how it can be used in developing our society within 2yrs. atleast in every six months you should be able to submit not less than 5pages to our Email for review.

Note: Your Full Name, Membership level e.g. CGISP , Topic and Gesma Web Personal Identification Number must be incuded in your submitted projects.

3 topics in Computer must be sent to  for 1 to be approved by Gesma Computer School.



Gesma ICT Mobile Team.

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